The chubby little deity, Lord Ganesha is believed to the remover of all obstacles and hurdles in one’s life. The god is worshipped at the opening of every event so that everything goes off well. We have all heard about the Lord Ganesha and his ultimate power. Ganesha is worshipped by so many people and they have complete faith in him. It is due to the increasing faith in lord Ganesha that several online stores have started selling Ganesha bracelets and other jewelry related to him.

The friendly God Ganesha is even known among the small children who keep chanting “o my friend Ganesha tum rehna saath hamesha” and wear cute Ganesha bracelets in their hands. From children to adults, everyone follows lord Ganesha and his teachings.

Apart from his teachings, there some surprising secrets about the lord that will leave you astonished. Have a look:-

Who is the elder brother of Lord Ganesha?

Kartikeya is the older brother of Ganesha who doesn’t make anything simple for our gentle remover of obstacles. Lord Kartikeya, the god of war and victory, has always tried to win from our little god Ganesha. But the Intellect of the little deity is so strong that he wins over his older brother so effortlessly each time.

Do you know about the elephant head of Lord Ganesha?

In a battle, Shiva beheaded Ganesha but after learning about who he really was, Shiva brought him to life and ask his entourage to get the head of the first sleeping being they find. The first that they found was an elephant. So, they brought the elephant’s head and Lord Shiva attached it to save Ganesha.

Since then we love this sweet little God with an elephant head. Reason behind the broken tusk

One day, Parashurama, an incarnation of Vishnu, went to visit Lord Shiva. But on his way he was blocked by Lord Ganesha who was guarding his Father (Lord Shiva) who was in deep meditation. Parashurama hurled at Ganesha with his axe and knowing that the axe was given to him by Lord Shiva, Ganesha allowed him to attack his tusk out of respect for the axe.

This resulted in the broken tusk.

Our little Lord Ganesha is surely very popular because of his naughty childhood acts and the boon he received from other gods. So many people worship Ganesha and wear Ganesha bracelets in their hands to stay closely connected with him.