Many Hindus wear the pictures of gods and goddesses as pendants and jewellery made with gold or precious stones. Some Hindu religious symbols worn as jewellery are lord Ganesha, goddess Durga, Hanuman and goddess lakshmi. “Om” is the most popular among these religious symbols. These pendants are special and have sentimental values attached to them.

Below mentioned are some reasons why people opt to wear religious symbols:

  1. Faith: Some people wear it to reaffirm their faith in a particular religion or god. Hindu most popularly wear Om jewellery as pendants and bracelets to feel closer to god with every second that passes.
  2. Symbol of protection:People believe that wearing religious symbols will protect them from any adversity or misfortune. Wearing this is an assurance of being safe and protected from dangers and evil spirits.
  3. Gifts:Now a day’sit is a trend to gift religious figures as a sign of good health and prosperity. These religious figures are gifted on religious ceremonies or celebrations.
  4. Trend: Wearing religious figure Om is a trend that is followed by many. These diamond studded pendants are extremely popular and in fashion.
  5. Auspicious:The religious jewellery is believed to be auspicious and fortunate. People who possess such jewellery feel lucky and blessed.
  6. Looks pleasant:wearing an Om pendant adds charm to one’s personality and looks pleasing.

Jewellery is a fashion accessory but it also depicts the spiritual truth of the wearer.Wearing religious jewellery is a type of self-expression, telling people of your devotion, values and beliefs. This jewellery helps people to stay connected with the divine and remember them every minute. Hindu religious jewellery especially Om jewellery is believed to be virtuous and wearing it makes people feel religious and near to god.