Chanting Om is the core path of derivation of inner peace which leads to the biggest achievement of the mankind that is happiness

Life in the present world is hectic and stressful; everybody irrespective of the age is chasing something or the other, be it money, job, prosperity, love and so many other things. Among these subjects the most sort after is the most difficult aspect of the work that is peace and happiness. Both peace and happiness are inter-related one leads to other. In fact it could be asserted that peace is the natural process to happiness, if one is peaceful then the person is invariably happy. This is the reason that motivates everybody to search for peace in order to attain happiness. The most important in the search of peace and especially inner peace, Om is the magical word that helps in this process. This is also the reason that the Om as a spiritual word is most accepted and rampantly highlighted around the world. There is Om tattooed renowned celebrities, Om gold bracelets, Om pendants are the most visible all over the world.

Om is significant as it is universal charm and secular in its aspect although it has originated from the core of Hinduism. The Om is a vibration and chant that brings inner peace to the chanter and Om is spiritual as it encompasses the universe itself. However these are the aspects which are now known to the world but there are some the unique feature of this word that is not widely known.

  • There is no much difference to Om or Aum: In Sanskrit the word Om is spelled as “au” thus this leads to the two different interpretation of this word.
  • The real meaning: Aum is the culmination of three word that is ‘A’ is the waking state, ‘U’ is the state of dream and lastly ‘M’ is the state of dream. Additionally the pause after the Aum is the referred as the state of Turiya, or as the meaning goes infinite consciousness.
  • Real meaning is depicted through its appearances: The visual depiction of Aum is the conglomeration of three curves representing the devnagari script of the same word and one semi-circle with a dot. The three curves represent the three different states as aforementioned and the dot represents the state of Turiya which is separated by the semicircle that represent the Maya.
  • Aum is also depicted through the Lord Ganesha: The Hindu God of success, Lord Ganesh is believed by the Hindu to be the physical depiction of the symbol itself. The three curves resemble the Formation of the Lord and his trunk is the replica of the semicircle and the dot.

This characteristics emphasis the charm of the Om for the world in its pursuit of inner peace and happiness, and motivate to project Om through the inking it or purchasing Om gold bracelets.